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LONDON YARNS is one of Southwestern Ontario's
largest independent yarn shops!

At London Yarns, we are constantly striving to offer you the best selection of knitting, felting & crochet supplies. Our yarns come in a wide variety of weights, colours and textures. Check back regularly, as our product inventory continues to grow and change.

OPEN Tuesday to Saturday from 12 noon until 4pm
Closed on Sunday & Monday

Where to find us...

Our store is located at:
1615 North Routledge Park,
Unit 24,
London, ON   N6H 5L6
(scroll down for a map and directions to our store)

Control Zone UPDATE
As Middlesex-London continues to navigate through the different Control Zones, we want to make it clear: we are not opening our doors to the public. We will remain curbside only (or local delivery via courier or domestic shipping via Canada Post Small Business) for the foreseeable future. Let us explain why...

The setup of our store is NOT conducive to in-person shopping in a safe way, while still allowing staff to assist customers at the door for pickup, over the phone for orders, and email orders. This means that if we allow even one single customer into the store, all other business stops. Financially this doesn’t make sense, and logistically this doesn’t make sense. On any given day, 75-90% of our customers that want to place orders ask for same-day pickup, and ALL of our customers placing orders for courier delivery ask for same-day delivery. We take pride in being able to serve our customers on a same-day basis, and will continue to do so. We will absolutely keep our customers informed as to when we will be welcoming everyone back into the store and what safety measures will be in place.

With the lifting of lockdown measures in our area, we WILL be modifying how we do business, to bring back a very popular method of shopping: WINDOW SHOPPING. We will now be more than happy to pull a bunch of yarn for you and reserve it in a basket. When you arrive to the store we will hold up your selections to the glass door, helping you choose colours and yarns to best suit your project. We can also now do “TAP” contactless payment through the door once again. We are very happy that we can go back to these practices and we are very excited to see many of you at the door once again!

Our fingers are crossed that a return to normal shopping is in the near future. We are watching current COVID-19 trends carefully, listening to our local government and health unit, and taking appropriate safety measures to keep all of our staff and customers safe. As always, we thank all of you, our amazing customers, for your loyal and ongoing business. We wouldn’t exist without you!

Regulations for Curbside Pick-Up:
Orders must be placed:
  • by telephone
  • by email
Delivery Options:
  1. Curbside Pick-Up (same-day, or whenever is convenient for you)
  2. Courier Service in London ($7 flat rate, same-day delivery)
  3. Shipped via Canada Post
Curbside Pick-Up Regulations:
  • Absolutely no cash will be accepted (there is currently no cash on the premises)
  • We are able to accept cards with the “tap” feature enabled on your card
  • We are able to accept Online Gift Certificates. Paper Gift Certificates can also be redeemed. Gift Certificates can be purchased over the phone or online at
  • Upon your arrival, the door will be unlocked, your parcel will be placed on the table directly outside the door and our door re-locked BEFORE you leave pick it up.
  • The “pick-up table”, the surfaces in the store, telephones, computers and all incoming deliveries will be cleaned and sanitized for everyone’s safety and protection.
Please remember, we are all in this together and the number one priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy.
Thank you for your cooperation and consideration!

MAP & DIRECTIONS to our Store
Download map

If you will notice, there are two roads named North Routledge Park.  Do not turn onto North Routledge at the Mandarin Restaurant – as it does not yet connect to the North Routledge Park that we are on.
If you are coming from the south on Hyde Park Road (ie. Sarnia Rd. or Oxford St.), continue north on Hyde Park Road passing through the lights at Gainsborough.  Then you will see a left-hand turn lane that begins in front of the Hyde Park Village Plaza.  Proceed into the turn lane and make a left onto North Routledge Park.
If you are coming from the north on Hyde Park Road (ie. Fanshawe Park Road), continue south on Hyde Park Road past our current location, keep going past the Mandarin Restaurant and then you may see on your right a little plaza with Wood & Water and Pointe & Pick Ballet on the corner of Hyde Park & N Routledge – that is where you want to turn right onto North Routledge Park.
After turning onto North Routledge Park, proceed to the bend in the road (the bend goes left) and you will want to turn RIGHT into the parking lot just as the road bends (it is the last driveway on the right-hand side before the bend).  In the parking lot, go straight ahead to the building at the back of the parking lot. 
If you are still having trouble finding us,
please feel free to give us a call (519-474-0403)
and we will guide you to our store.
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